How to Participate

You can participate in the congress by contributing research paper(s), review paper(s), policy/concept paper(s) or as a discussant. As per the philosophy of the congress, enough time is given to conduct the research in theme areas. Accordingly, the interested participants may go for FIRST stage registration which is free (Please visit As you register, you will be able to choose the theme, sub-theme and researchable or non-researchable issues as per your interest. Please note your user ID and password for future reference. A mail will go to your email id confirming your registration.

After having written the full length Research/ Review/ Policy/ Concept paper, you can submit the paper through SECOND stage registration. Please visit second stage registration page and submit your paper using your ID and password. Submission of only abstract is liable to be rejected.

Participation Fee: The participation fee in the congress is as follows.

Guidelines for submission of original paper: The congress papers should be original, unpublished and adhere to the congress themes and sub-themes registered during first stage registration.

Author Details: The cover page shall contain the title of the paper, the author's name, affiliation and contact information. The author's name should not appear anywhere else on the body of the manuscript to facilitate the review process.

Word Limit: Full paper-4500 words.

Text: Size 12-pt Calibri, 1.5 line spacing, justified; Heading 14-pt, Times New Roman and boldfaced; Sub-headings 12-pt, Times New Roman, bold. Tables, Figures, and Graphs: Captions 10-pt Times New Roman, bold and centered, numbered in numerals separate, Source, if any, be given at the end in 9-pt times New Roman.

Page Numbers: On the right bottom of the page; numbering from the abstract page. Do not include the cover page for numbering.

Reference:Cite Reference and Avoid Plagiarism.

Reference Style: Journal of Extension, USA should be followed strictly.

Submission: Full paper should be submitted through IEC2018 website