As per the survey results 11 themes were selected by Extension professionals. The additional themes suggested by the professionals during first round of survey were included in second round survey. After removing, merging and rephrasing the themes, following five themes were finalized.

1. Strategic Mapping, Forecasting and Enhancement of Competencies of Extension Professionals and Researchers

2. Advancements and Futuristic Assessment of Core Areas of Extension

3. Envisioning and Redefining Extension in Changing Context of Agriculture and Society

4. Professionalism and Ethics in Extension

5. Emerging Challenges and Innovative Approaches in Extension

Sr. No.Theme of the Congress1st round survey N=1592nd round survey N=65
1.Capabilities of Extension Professionals and Researchers50%71%
2.Development in core areas of Extension42%35%
3.Redefining Extension37%22%
4.Professionalism and Ethics in Extension33%22%
5.Modern Approaches of Extension-22%
6.Use of Mathematical Models for Extension Research-22%
7.Multi-stakeholder processes-20%
8.Smart Extension-19%
9.Macro Extension Approach29%15%
10.New area of theory and application31%8%
11.Micromanagement Extension Approach-2%

The responses for Themes of the Congress received from extension professionals during first and second rounds of survey is presented below

1st round

2nd round